Technical specification
Grain - Aluminium oxide (GP, VF)
Silicon carbide (UF, MF)
Bonding - Phenolic resin
Colour - Green (GP), Red (VF)
Dark grey (UF), Grey (MF)
Grit range - General Purpose
Very Fine
Ultra Fine
Micro Fine
RL abrasive products are especially designed for sanding surfaces prior to application of finishing coat, primer or lacquer. The products are primarily developed for painted surfaces, but they also work excellently at sanding of wood, plastic and metal components.

MRL products can also be used for removal of impurities, oxides and dirt, and can be used wet or dry.

Due to the three-dimensional structure, MRL products are also easy to use on contoured surfaces and profiles. It is also easy to sand areas difficult to reach.
MRL products are a cost effective alternative to steel wool, abrasive cloths and abrasive papers.

With MRL abrasive products a uniform scratch pattern is achieved in an effective and economical way.

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